Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shop Small & Give Big

Some of what's in store now....
In this season of giving, we whole-heartedly encourage you to shop local and shop small. All the little mom-n-pop stores and small businesses out there need—and welcome—your support! More often than not we have something unique to offer....things you won't find in the mall or the big department store. 
     Here at the Brooklyn Farmacy the sweetest gift is the experience that you'll have at the soda fountain. Bring your visiting friends and family to the fountain and let time stand still with us, for just a short while. Time well spent with loved ones is a gift, indeed!
     But second to that, our shelves are stocked with locally made products that make great gifts for giving. Some are tasty, some are cuddly, some are from New Jersey and some are from upstate NY. From artisanal simple syrups made in Brooklyn, to a marinara sauce made in Hoboken, we have the best of what our surrounding area has to offer.
     Let us help you create a gift bag of local goodies while we tell you about the loose leaf teas made in Manhasset, NY, and the sweater toys made around the corner in Carroll Gardens. Chances are, you may even meet one of the makers, as many of our vendors personally bring their wares to the store themselves. 
     And once all your shopping is taken care of..... please accept our invitation to take a seat on a red swirling barstool and enjoy our seasonal white peppermint shake! 
     Happy Holidays to all of you, and thank your for your support. Together we can make a difference — and have some wicked good fun, too!
— See you at the Farm!
Photos (top to bottom, left to right), In Store, NOW. 
Hoboken Farms, Big Red Marinara Sauce that is so good, it barely makes it out of the jar... (btw, we've got some great pasta in store, too!)
Morris Kitchen, You already love MK's Ginger syrup, but try the two newest flavors... Boiled Apple Cider and Lemon! 
Olive Sinclair, assorted chocolate bars. Beautifully packaged, and very good chocolate! 
Anarchy in a Jar delicious preserves, assorted flavors. A lovely gift for the host.
Brooklyn Hard Candy (assorted flavors). Try all the flavors! Makes a great gift for the teacher!
Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road.... assorted flavors, hand pulled in Brooklyn! This stuff is AMAZING! We love it! We love it!
Candy Canes from the Hudson Valley. Big. Beautiful. 
McClures Pickles and Bloody Mary Mix 'nuff said. We love 'em.
Mark Allan Stamaty's "Who Needs Donuts" (signed copies!)
Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate. Deeeeelish!
JERK SHIRTS (wear one in the store and you get a free egg cream - fa-ever). Additional shirts coming in this week, including x-small for kids! Yay! Jerks!
Wooden Toys A lovely selection of simply made, safe for children wooden toys. Spinning tops, racing cars and more. 
SerendipiTea Loose Leaf Teas, assorted flavors (and proudly served as our house tea)
Nana Knits, assorted, and adorable hats and sweaters for wee ones. Yes. Our Mom makes them.
The Fountain Experience Gift certificates available! 
And so much more.... !