Friday, December 2, 2011

"Go Sit On Your Own Stoop!" Author John Khoury at the Farmacy

Meet John Khoury, Author of 
Stories of Growing up in Brooklyn in the 70s 
Saturday December 3, 11-1PM
at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain
513 Henry Street, Carroll Gardens

John will be signing books and talking 'bout growing up in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn until someone stops him. (no offense, John, but right?)

You know, there are many things that we love about being nestled here in Carroll Gardens. But what makes this spot extra special is that despite the ever-changing demographics, our neighborhood is still called home to many people whose families have lived here for generations. 
     On a regular basis people stop into the Farmacy who remember coming into this same store when it was Longo's Pharmacy, years ago. (see one of our previous blogs with a letter from another local kid, Augustino Vitiello) We always enjoy hearing their stories and meeting the people who made this neighborhood what it is: A place where the people who run the corner store know you, and even your kid, by name. 
     We've tried our best to retain that neighborhood touch here at the Farmacy, and so we are very happy to have a particular neighborhood kid, (now grown up), JOHN KHOURY in our store this Saturday morning. John will be signing copies of his newly self-published book, Go Sit On Your Own Stoop! Growing up in Brooklyn in the 70s. Khoury's book brings to life the unique flavor of this special place we call home, with stories that make you laugh out loud, and in the case of some of the guys that still live on the block, remember with a twinkle in their eye. Please join us in welcoming him —and spread the word. We'll have strong coffee brewing, some crazy good donuts from Peter Pan Bakery, and of course, egg creams. Bring your mom. Bring your dad. Bring your kids. It is sure to be a special morning at the Farm. 

Who is That Guy?:
John Khoury was born in Bensonhurst in 1967 and moved with his family to South Brooklyn a few years later. Instantly captivated by stunning brownstones, omnipresent smell of freshly baked bread and the neck-snapping sight of crotchety old women returning home from the butcher dressed in nothing but smocks, pink curlers and a lip dangling Pall Mall, he realized this place was something special and its influence is what fuels John’s accounts of his time there in his book, Go Sit On Your Own Stoop!