Friday, November 18, 2011

Illustrator Claudia Pearson at the Farmacy this Sunday!

Local illustrator Claudia Pearson will be at the Farmacy from 3-5, Sunday, November 20th with a collection of her work for purchase, including tea towels, calendars, posters and coloring books. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet a vibrant, local artist whose work reflects the sustainable food movement in Brooklyn with breathtaking style! 

A sample of Pearson's work.
Egg Farmer
How fate would have it (or, how we met Claudia)
About two years ago, as we sat in the pre-renovated Farmacy, cluttered rooms filled from floor to ceiling with stuff, scratching our heads on where to start, a lovely woman walked in the door. She chatted with us about Brooklyn. We told her about our crazy little dream of opening up a soda fountain combined with locally made artisanal foods. A place where farmers and ice cream could come together. And then she reached into her bag and took out a stunning 'buy local' calendar that she had illustrated. She asked us to keep her in mind once our store opened. We oohed and ahhed with promises to be in touch. 
     Fast forward about six months later, the Farmacy doors were open, but sadly, we had lost the calendar, and the contact, in the mix. A few months later while doing internet searches and typing in words like, "local", "sustainable", "illustration" and "vegetables", up popped a collection of beautifully illustrated coloring books. We loved them! We wrote to introduce ourselves, and lo and behold, the illustrator was Claudia Pearson, the same lovely woman who walked through our doors, as we sat scratching our heads in a cluttered room. Long story short, we've been happily carrying a collection of Claudia's work ever since.

Meet Claudia Pearson....
This Sunday, November 20th from 3-5, you can meet Claudia yourself! She will be in-store featuring a collection of her work, including calendars, tea towels, coloring books and posters. All of her work is themed around Brooklyn and locally grown and harvested foods. This is a great opportunity for budding artists to meet a real-life working artist, (bring your kids!) as well as a chance to pick up some truly unique gifts for the holidays. Please join us in welcoming Claudia Pearson to the Farmacy!

Back Story (we love a good story)
Claudia graduated from Brighton Polytechnic, England with a First Class BA Honors Degree in Graphic Design. Disenchanted with typography she specialized in animation in her final year at college & went on to work with some of the leading animation companies in London. Her spare time was spent traveling round the world & painting in her studio.
     During a trip to New York in 1994 she met an illustration agent who wanted to represent her & thus her career as an illustrator bloomed. 2 months later she packed her bags & moved to the big apple where she's been working ever since. 
     Claudia's work has been published in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Elle, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, The Big Book of Illustration
Ideas (Harper Design) and Fashion Images de Mode No.6.
     Claudia currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons. When she's not busy in her studio, she's exploring the city and beyond with her family. As well as making prints of her illustrations Claudia also does commissioned pieces and paintings.

What: Meet and Greet with local illustrator Claudia Pearson
When: Sunday, November 20th 3-5PM
Where: Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

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