Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegan? Don't do Dairy? Alergic to Wheat? We've got treats for you!

"No Tellin' It's Vegan" Cupcake
We are proud to offer the "No Tellin' it's Vegan" cupcake, delivered every Friday by local baker Esme. These delicious cupcakes are dairy AND wheat free. We can now say to everyone... Yes! We've got the treat for YOU. (and you, and you, and you, these cupcakes are that yummy!)
A little back story (we love a good story)
Esme is a local baker who says, "Baking delicious, healthy foods for my growing family is the inspiration for these delightful cupcakes".  Esme was vegan for many years before it was fashionable and she wanted to make tofu tasty.  (This is no small feat) She also had to sell these alternative foods to her small children, and as she says, "There is no more honest critic than a child."  Esme's first inspiration was a cake for her eldest daughter on her 12th birthday. The cake was divinely inspired by the love between mother and daughter and as more birthdays, tea parties, and fairy parties came, she continued to develop recipes. Esme invited neighbors for cupcake tastings with many enthusiastic volunteers.  “Are you sure these are vegan? I can’t tell!” they marveled. They all agreed, the taste and moisture of the cake was astonishingly good. 
The Dream Cream, a non-dairy Egg Cream
Until that point, Esme had never (according to her) baked anything so well.  But as she sat proudly looking at the cupcakes at the kitchen table she realized that an answer to a prayer had arrived. Esme had been looking for a way to stay home with her children and still find some autonomy, some way to be free and creative. With these delightful, vegan cupcakes, she had found an answer. Esme has since offered her culinary expertise to the Park Slope Food Cooperative as well as serving local cafes and stores in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
     Esme's background, with a BS in nutrition has been the basis of her dedication to the meals she prepares to maintain a healthy and happy home. Her cakes have been formulated to taste like a regular baked item, but hold to a higher standard of quality. Her attention to detail goes into every batch. Says Esme, "I will stand by these little creations as an extension of the exceptional care I have given my own family. You will be as proud to place them on your table as I have been." Well Esme, WE are thrilled to be able to offer a delicious treat that satisfies all of our wonderful customers at Farmacy with the "No Tellin' it's Vegan" Cupcake.

Fresh: Available on Fridays afternoons. If you like them, come and get them, and then we'll order more!
Friendly: Hand delivered with a smile, by Esme.
Local: Brooklyn, baby.