Friday, March 25, 2011

Get your Jerk on this Saturday at the Farmacy with a taste of SlantShack Jerky!

Slantshack Jerky founder, Joshua Kace
We're super jerky excited for this upcoming tasting event! The makers of SlantShack Jerky will be in store this Saturday, March 26th, from 4-6PM. Stop on in and enjoy some jerky with the jerks at the Farmacy! (We think SlantShack likes to say the word JERK almost as much as we do!)

So who is SlantShack?
SlantShack Jerky is a small, artisanal food company. Dedicated to flavor, they've developed a series of unique marinades, spice rubs and glazes to create an unprecedented jerky taste experience. Their  product is crafted by the good people at Vermont Highland Cattle Company in Orleans, VT, and because they make it to order, it's much more tender than your average store-bought brand. Since SlantShack opened for business in 2008, they've been named one of the Top Ten Jerkies in America by Maxim, given 5 stars by, featured in The Atlantic, Thrillist, Tasting Table, and The Village Voice, and generally adored by customers throughout the land. We started carrying their jerky this month and can't keep it on the shelves.

A little back story (we love a good story) 
SlantShack Jerky was born from nine college degrees, a crooked roof, a dream, and a sprinkling of destiny. Or maybe it was at a family dinner in North Jersey where dehydrated meat was the main attraction. Or if you want to go way back, it began in the heart of a 12-year-old boy wishing for an unlimited supply of his favorite snack—Founder Joshua Kace has had a lifelong passion for meat treats. Add an empty stomach, a slightly slanted post-college apartment, a group of under-employed friends, and some late-night kitchen experimentation, and you have the makings of a beef jerky revolution. After months of midnight dehydrating marathons and rave reviews from early taste-testers, Josh and friends realized they might be on to more than just a hunger-satisfying hobby, and decided to share their jerky innovations with the meat-loving masses…

Want more? Stop by the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain this Saturday, March 26th from 4-6 PM to meet the makers, or visit their website:
See you at the Farm!

Fresh: Made to order, this jerky is tender and GOOD.
Friendly: Not only are they nice people to work with, their bags of jerky are just the right size!
Local: SlantShack Jerky is made in Vermont. But we're pretty sure if there were cows in Brooklyn, they'd make it here too.