Monday, December 6, 2010

Blessed Maine Herb Farm Salves for the Farmacy

Blessed Maine Herb Founder, Gail F. Edwards and her daughters on the farm.

Salves made for the Farmacy by Blessed Maine Herb Farm
We are honored to introduce BLESSED MAINE HERB FARM to the Farmacy by way of two wonderful skin products: The All Purpose Salve and the Decongestant Salve, both of which are made from all-natural and organic ingredients. The All-Purpose Salve is described as 'tough enough for a logger's hand and gentle enough for a baby's bottom' and the Decongestant Salve seems to start working the moment you open its silver round tin. They are a blessing for winter's chapped skin and stuffy noses, and we invite you to come in store to sample them for yourselves. These all-natural salves make thoughtful gifts for the winter, and are practical products to keep on hand throughout the spring.

A little Back Story (we love a good story) 
Founded by Gail Faith Edwards, Blessed Maine Herb Farm is a small family business that this year celebrated 21 years of herb farming. Located on a beautiful ridge-top in rural Maine, they grow over an acre of medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables. Blessed Maine Herb Farm is a MOFGA certified organic grower and processor and they offer products of impeccable quality, made with the certified organic herbs that they grow and wildgather by hand. They practice simple, sustainable, natural farming methods with respect for the earth and all of the web of life. BMHF offers classes, apprenticeships and herbal medicine correspondence courses through the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine and their gardens are open to the public, by appointment, during the growing season.

Nothing but the purest ingredients, gathered from near and far, are combined with their certified organic and wildgathered herbs, to present you with a safe and natural product that you can use with confidence.

Fresh: A walk on the Blessed Maine Herb Farm.
Friendly: Meet Rosa.
Local: We were raised down the hill from their farm and they are our heart's definition of 'local'.

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