Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweater Toys at the Farmacy. Imperfectly Perfect.

'Forest Creatures' by Caitlin Wicker
Available now at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain
We are delighted to showcase Caitlin Wicker's 'Sweater Toys' at the Farmacy and invite you to fall in love with these charming stuffed animals made from gently used recycled sweaters and retro printed fabric. Wicker's collection includes Forest Friends and Sea Creatures and truth be told, we're already head over heels for each and every one of these adorable animals. Each creature is unique and comes with his or her name. There are owls, aardvarks, deer, squid, penguins, squirrels and other surprising creatures!
'Sea Creatures'
A Little Back Story (we love a good story)
Caitlin began sewing stuffed animals five years ago after the death of her sister's very favorite stuffed bunny, Pinksey (RIP). Caitlin uses mostly recycled materials in her designs, drawing inspiration from vintage stuffed animals whose imperfections give them character. Visit the Farmacy and see all the creatures we have given a temporary foster home—until adopted by just the right person! Could it be you?
Fresh: Ummmm. Well, the aardvark is pretty snazzy, but don't eat him!
Friendly: Just looking at these creatures makes you feel like hugging someone.
Local: While Caitlin was born 'from away', she currently resides in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and cat.