Founders Peter Freeman & Gia Giasullo (Carolyn Fong Photo)

The Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is a family owned business, located in a beautifully restored 1920s pharmacy in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The abandoned corner storefront stood as a neighborhood mystery for over 12 years before being discovered first by Peter Freeman, and then by the Discovery Channel for a reality T.V. construction renovation series. Referred to as “The Farm,” by regulars, the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain has been heralded as the ‘heart of the neighborhood’, and has played a significant role in the revived interest in American Soda Fountains. The Farmacy’s motto: Fresh, Friendly, Local applies to its seasonal menu of traditional soda fountain offerings, and its grocery shelves lined with artisanal foods made in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Farmacy has appeared in numerous publications including New York Times, Time Out New York, NY Magazine, The Huffington Post, Overflow, Inbibe and Utne Reader. Please see our press page for a list of press mentions, personal blog writings and videos about the Farmacy. You can also google "Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain" and select "images" for a variety of personal shots and musings on visits at the Farm taken by our amazing customers from all parts of the world. 

Peter Freeman (a.k.a. Head Jerk) is the co-founder and proprietor of the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. As a kid, Peter was told that with his jovial nature, he be either an elementary school teacher, or own a diner when he grew up. Years later, armed with a sociology degree from the University of Montana, a background in theater, and a passion for serving food to friends and family, he has carved out a career as the quintessential Soda Jerk. He knows his customers by name, is quick with a joke and a card trick, and strives to serve up the tastiest egg creams in Brooklyn. Peter is guided by the motto, “How you do anything, is how you do everything”. Life has led him down a variety of professional paths, including owning a landscaping and kitchen garden business on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai. Peter has appeared on THE CHEW, The OWN Channel, Master Chef, Australia, The Food Network and the Cooking Channel. He lives in Brooklyn with his dog Betty, and his cat, Mr. Pickles. He’s a real Jerk. 

Gia Giasullo (a.k.a. Big Sister) is the co-founder and proprietor of Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. Gia was classically trained by some of the giants in the field of Graphic Design, and graduated from the College of Art and Design in San Francisco. Gia currently oversees the design, styling and social media for the Farmacy. Prior to her commitment to the Farmacy, she cofounded Studio eg, an internationally acclaimed studio for sustainable design, and continues to do book design on the side. A self described “shop keeper’s daughter,” (her father owned an odd-lot shop in Greenwich Village for over thirty years), it comes as no surprise to her that she is now the owner of a corner store. She is delighted to have a ‘three-dimensional design job’ replete with daily feedback and a multitude of design challenges. Gia lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two spunky daughters. 

Nelle Gretzinger From the moment she discovered, as an eight year-old, how to make hot fudge with her miniature kitchen set, Nelle was smitten with cooking. Her apprenticeship as a teenager in Thomas Keller’s kitchen (at his New York restaurant Rakel) marked, temporarily, the end of her professional cooking career. Writing about food took its place for a time in the form of a blog called Lunch for Two. A grant from the Geoffrey Roberts Trust allowed her to travel to Belize in 2009, resulting in the publication of a chapter in the Handbook of Vanilla Science and Technology for Wiley-Blackwell. Now several careers later, she has come full circle and does recipe development for the Brooklyn Farmacy. Her recipes for the Farmacy have appeared in the New York Times and have aired on THE CHEW and Martha Stewart Radio. She lives in Brooklyn with her two daughters, both avid fans of the Farmacy, and her cat Jinx.