Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's official, "We're in Manhattan, Baby"

The Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain has proudly launched a satellite location at Kiehl’s Since 1851 on 3rd Ave. and 13th Street in Manhattan. Stop on in and say hello!
Kiehl's at 13th and 3rd in NYC
Now, that's a nice fit!
In November, 2010, Kiehl’s approached us about the possibility of launching a small satellite location in their160-year-old skin care pharmacy. This lower east side location, also housed in a historic pharmacy, was at once deemed a perfect fit. Historically, pharmacies were ‘the place’ that spawned the American soda fountain, and with its 160 year apothecary heritage, BF&SF felt that this partnership with Kiehl’s was meant to be.   
One of our favorite Jerks, Kanene!
What's there? Good Stuff. 
Along with serving up the legendary NY Egg Cream, we're mixing on-the-spot, old-time soda fountain favorites such as Cherry Lime Rickeys and all-natural Ginger Ale made with artisanal syrups from P&H Soda & Syrup. You'll also find the Farmacy's blend of coffee and rich hot chocolate. Want a sweet treat? We're baking small batches of cookies that will hit the spot. Our soda jerks hop back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan, so you're bound to see a familiar face. Stop on in and say hello.
Where: Kiehl's Since 1851 on 3rd and 13th Street in NYC.
When: Seven days a week. We're open when they are!
For more information on Kiehl's, visit their website: http://www.kiehls.com/


  1. 3rd/13th is not lower east side

  2. Kiehl's is in the East Village, not the Lower East Side

  3. Seriously, you're going to get nit picky on the address? I'm glad there there at all. I hardly get to Brooklyn and now I can try out their sodas.