Friday, September 24, 2010

Say Hello to the BF&SF PB&J After School Special (pssst. it's available all the time!)

We're happy to roll out the newest addition to the counter at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. A good ole' peanut butter and jelly sandwich served with a glass of whole milk. Enjoy it after school, or, anytime! We're calling it the BF&SF PB&J. Say that ten times!

A little back story. (we love a good story)
We've had lots of folks asking for a sandwich, and our natural first choice was the all-American favorite PB&J. After looking and tasting around, we think we've come up with a tasty (and nutritious) combination of these three traditional ingredients. Anna from the GOOD BATCH accepted our invitation to make our peanut butter and Miss Amy's Preserves happily jumped on board to provide us with her yummy strawberry jam made from Long Island strawberries. For our bread we didn't have too travel far... Caputo Bakery on Court Street, which many of you already know and love, bakes our fresh whole wheat bread daily. So now our morning routine includes a short bike ride to the bakery. Ahhh. Local is good. The milk, well, you know how we love our Hudson Valley Fresh whole milk. This is the milk that goes into all our egg creams and shakes, from the dairy that provides the cream for the ice cream we serve. We don't mind you dippin' that PB&J sandwich into your glass of milk. For the record, we do it too!

Fresh: Sandwiches made fresh daily
Friendly: What could be more friendly than a PB&J?
Local: Two of the three food producers are less than three blocks away. The other is in Long Island.  (We're only sorry we can't ride our bike there to pick up jam!)


  1. hi, i was in a few weeks ago and bought the JERK onesie for my niece, i was told to send pics of her in the outfit because you were looking for a 'model', i've got some pics please let me know where to send them!

  2. Hi Joe, looks like you solved this one on your own. And may we say, you've got one cute jerk on your hands! Congratulations from the BF&SF!